Gurukula Primary tasks and Notes

For a particular assignment with a Certain projected objective Aims and  Goals, corresponding primary tasks together with principle notes are to be chalked out an initial move for its future implementation and execution so as to be en route towards success.

Later subsequently as the activities, situations and conditions develop more challenges emerge which are to be dealt with as and when the need arises.


  1. To have a core handy team of dedicated and able teachers/guides, who can live with children to take care of and create an in-house Sanskrit speaking atmosphere. 
  2. The focus on establishing a communicating language Sanskrit. 
  3. The curriculum for the Entire Gurukula Education is to be programmed. Its totality to be capitalized and spread over the total duration of stay in Gurukula, in the capsule form right up to a day’s routine activity. 
  4. The daily routine with the breakup of time, from the time the children wake up from their sleep till the lights are off for the sleep,  the related activities have to be set during the allocated time slot. 
  5. For the activities which are set to the time slot, desired and planned contents are to be programmed and framed.
  6. Having the contents and activities planned and framed, its implementation and effective execution are to be watched, followed and directed.
  7. Keeping in mind that the contents for the Gurukula activities are like a “Heart” and the selection of learning aspects to the contents are like a “Soul”, the scope of all selection, distribution, regulation, implementation, effectiveness and remedial corrections and modulations are to be monitored, altered and modulated suitably as well as periodically in corresponding line with the objectives and goals of the Gurukula. 
  8. While the contents  are to be motivating, strengthening and building up the total personality of the child, the selection for the contents are to be such that they are:- stimulating, enhancing and enriching the outlook and approach for building an “A Healthy  Cultured Society”, with a view as “The entire World as one Family”.
  9. A team of elderly, well experienced and wise people to advice and guide are to be taken together as mentors.
  10. Transparency, Aesthetic values, discipline, abiding rules and regulations a close affinity with Society and Respected citizens, like-minded people are to be in touch and associated with. 

These can be some of the primary tasks which can be highlighted as the basic steps.


The notes are like precious guidelines derived from one’s experience. While the tasks get propelled by goals and aims, they get their strength by the ideology. The ideology which one follows can fair and dare better when its follower finds and experiences a positive impact on his well-being. Thus a “Note” can be a guiding principle.

In this background, some of the Notes to be considered are as follows.

  1. As the entire activities are in relation with human Soul, a child, the total approach towards words the children have to be mild, delicate, loving with all concern as in a way,  a child is brought up at home with parental love, affection, all like in a homely atmosphere.
  2. The total stay, activities and life in the Gurukula,   should be such that it induces in the inmates and the children especially, to feel that, the Gurukula life is joyful and worth in spite of being away from the parents, close ones and even members of the family.
  3. It is to be seen that the wellbeing of the children has to emerge from their full-time involvement and the feeling of intellectual growth as well as overall subjective and objective positive development in them. 
  4. The Teachers, mentors and all those concerned should bring about a homely, friendly, playful, learning, striving, hardworking and even entertainment atmosphere in the Gurukula campus.
  5. There should be no scope for any sort of differentiation in handling, dealing, treating, feeling, behaviour, be it with children, staff, inmates or parents of the children.
  6. The relation with the parents of the children should be as a family member cordial, friendly and with openness, transparent, so much so that the parents should feel that their children are in safe hands and place.
  7. A feel of inferiority or superiority differentiation should not be entertained and avoided as every child is unique and their growth varies and carries its own individuality and implications.
  8. The smooth functioning and success of the Gurukula depend upon the teamwork, cooperation and harmony among the Teachers, staff and employees of the Gurukula. As such it is vital to note that this aspect is taken care and to be watched. 
  9. The activities in the Gurukula should be versatile, with varieties and not stagnant to give room for monotonous feeling.
  10. The progress and development of the Gurukula should reflect and spread in the society and in the outside world in order to get help and assistance. 

These are the valuable initial tasks and notes to be considered.




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