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Gurukula General working and understanding

Usually, unlike other institutions and its working, the  Gurukula working and its understandings are quite unique. As the objectives, goals and aims carry a lofty, ideal, high expectations, the outcome of the results invariably becomes inversely low, slow and below expectations. This trend is quite natural and normal.

Many a time this leads to disappointment, despair and demoralized. From this point of view, it is better to have a right understanding of the workings in Gurukula and its outcome.


Having set the initial tasks bounded by the highlights of the Notes, the commencement of the working starts with the day’s routine activities.

The common factors which are needed to be applied in its working, for any activities, are as follows.

  1. The commencement of the activities, which are supposed to happen as per the daily routine timetable, at the stipulated time, are to be respected in terms of punctuality, performance and perfection with full attendance of the children and staff. 
  2. The execution of the activities should be as per the set guidelines and instructions. The children and all the concerned persons should respect and follow the set systems and procedures.
  3. The distribution of activities, responsibilities, the reporting system, the hierarchy of set up, are to respected and followed.
  4. Regular meetings, interactions with the parents,  conducting of function, festivals and events are to be performed as planned.
  5. All the Educational and cultural activities, the preparations for the functions and events, the required training,  are to be carried out well in advance. The involvement of the children in all the activities should be throughout, under the guidance, instructions and directions of the concerned persons.
  6. A close watch about the performance, execution of work, discharge of responsibilities, follow up of the guidelines and instructions are to be watched and verified.
  7. Any lapse, carelessness, non-performance, any drawbacks are to be enquired, questioned to know the cause and shortfall for the corrections, changes for improvements for better future performance. 
  8. Remedial measures, precautions, guidelines and warnings are to be cautiously enforced depending upon the case.
  9. Appreciation, encouragement, challenges are to be in place more often than not while negative aspects are to be highlighted cautiously.
  10. The cleanliness with respect to every child and regarding the premises inside and outside, the children’s health and involvements, the performance of the concerned persons are to be in reasonable surveillance and monitored throughout.

These are some important highlights of general workings in Gurukula.


Whenever a task is undertaken it is quite natural to expect a reasonable return. But while dealing with a human being and that too with children the situation, in this case, will be totally different. This fact and reality must be taken into consideration.

The field in which the working takes place is highly subjective, unseen, uncountable and unpredictable.

The factors which will be influenced over the progress of the child will be from within, from outside, emotional, situations, different circumstances to which the child gets exposed and reactional consequences to it.

Taking all these aspects into account the understanding has to be as follows.

  1. The children are bound to make mistakes and repeated mistakes of same and of different types and nature. This must be known and should have accepted.
  2. Every time a mistake is noticed or comes to the knowledge of the concerned, although they are dealt earlier and similar,  they are not to be ignored but to be responded as to the need and with just and required intensity.
  3. The irritable, bad, wrong, unwelcome acts of the children whenever takes place, they are the accumulated instincts which are better to get exposed and expelled, rather than being left within, through tough strictness and fear. But at the same time, the gap has to be filled up with the right kind of positive advises consequences and understandings.
  4. The pace of results or changes taking place within the children varies from child to child. A single common yardstick is useless or rather to be discarded. The growth will be unique and unpredictable. But it must be known and accepted that none of the genuine efforts put forth will go waste, without fielding and yielding some effect and results.
  5. The children by nature are keen observers, absolvers discoverers, followers of imitation, sensitive, imaginary and so on with several gifts. This being the case the people whoever deal with them has to be aware of these and to be careful to see that right kind of behaviour, attitude, approach, nature, all in the form of right signals reaches them, by avoiding the negative aspects. At the same time, it is to be seen how best the available gifts can be harnessed with the right kind of inputs, which can become and form a strong base for the future build up.

These are some of the steps and understanding which can unfold very many possibilities aspects as one progresses with the spirit of service and duty while discharging one’s responsibilities.



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