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Most of the Girls who have come to Gurukula are from the distant Villages where facilities are scarce and hardships are upfront. There are also Girls from the general class of society and families who wish their children to imbibe our Indian Culture and Tradition along with the kind of Gurukula Education, its Concepts and Objectives.

In this background, for those who can not afford and for those who want to expose to our Indian Culture, “ Shubham Karoti ”  has been a blessing and boon not only to them but also to patronage our Indian Culture and to strengthen our Society.



The Sanskrit Language is one of our National Identities. It is the most ancient, Rich, Profound Language, having to its credit a status, as Mother of all Languages unparallel with all its Glory and Majestic as a Language of Gods.

Unfortunately, while its usage has depleted, to rejuvenate and promote in our Gurukula, Sanskrit is taken up as the Spoken Language. The learning of Sanskrit it’s reading, writing starts from the beginning in the Traditional way not just from the Examination point of view but to gain its in-depth knowledge of a solid base.

As such by the term of 6 Years, the children will learn by heart the  various fundamentals of Sanskrit Grammar such as:

  • Paninis Ashta Dhyayi Sutras –  3978 No’s
  • Amara Kosha ( Words Vocabulary ) –  2989 No’s
  • Dhatu Patha (Verb Roots ) – 2014 No’s
  • Unadi Kosha – 700 No’s
  • Linganu Sashanam – 192 No’s

Alumni of Old Students

To have the contact and the bondage of the old students a Multipurpose Trust under the name  “Shubha Dayini ” is created with a service motive.

Every year there will be two days of alumni held in the Gurukula premises under the name  “HALE BERU, HOSA HURUPU, HOSA KANASU”.  Many old students participate in this and share their experience of life, memories and achievements joyfully.