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Gurukula Curriculum

As any product needs to pass through the set process, similarly, to build up a total personality development of a child, through the learning process, the child has to be made pass  and  subjected to go  through the life experience,  which is termed as

” Curriculum”  a simile of a flowing river. This curriculum has to be bounded all along, like the two sides of a river bank, with different selected, chosen, planned to learn items, subjects and activities all put together as “Contents”, has to percolate and assimilate in the child through the Educational process.


Depending on the type of product needed the length and depth of the curriculum gets formulated.

In the case of a Gurukula for girls, to start with, the desirable, workable  and manageable, with an objective to implant and build a solid foundation in the form of a seed to sprout and become a plant with a fence of strong character and capability which can sustain and grow up in to a big tree, in the future, the ideal time limit  can be a period of 6 years.

Once the time span is known the Educational process can be suitably stretched with required curriculum and contents so as to meet the desired objectives.

The curriculum in the Gurukula is designed to cover the experience and learning aspects coming under the physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual domain.

All these aspects are a broad outline which forms a  module for Curriculum.


If we consider the “Curriculum” as a Body,  the ” contents” can be valued as Heart and the essence of the contents are the real factor as ” Soul”.

The extracts were chosen and the activities planned as contents which In fact builds and shapes the life plays the most Significant role in achieving the projected goals and objectives successfully.

While the extracts chosen with the combination of modern and ancient thoughts and subjects balanced and harmonized suitably will certainly give a strong impetus to the mental and intellectual faculties and its growth of a person.

Similarly, the cultural and social extracts and its combinations will stimulate and strengthen the physical and emotional aspects of a person.

When this much implementation and simulation takes place in a balanced harmonized pace and manner then the most valuable Spiritual development can happen within, by forming an ideal platform, even with limited inputs. This natural achievement of developing a platform is crucial for the total personality development of a person.

It is to be well noted here that the contents in the Gurukula Education will certainly cover the general academic subjects in depth, together with widespread of various extra and

co-curricular subjects and activities.

This broadly covers the guidelines for the contents in the Gurukula education.



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