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The Gurukula Education is designed for a period of 6 years, under 6 steps from 5th std to 10th std. While designing care has been taken to see, quenching the urges of Natural Developments of Physical, Emotional and Mental growth of Childhood and adolescence, thereby the Spirit and Energy are properly channelized and utilized.

Steps of Application

All though imparting of Education with activities take place throughout the six years in various forms and steps in its routine course, a special individual factor for each stage is applied which also forms a class name or standard or Gana in Sanskrit. The steps help to create a right pathway for a meaningful effective Education and further, each step works as a platform and a booster for the next level in the development and progress. The steps are as follows.

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    ( 1st Year and 1st Step )  Expected outcome  “Dedication“.

    During the first year in the process and progress of learning and activities, the following elements are focused and applied. They are Neatness, Cleanliness, Obedience, helping, Serving, Respecting, doing the job cleanly and Neatly. These are to be handled with friendly care and affection to develop the physical and mental aspects of Dedication.

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    ( 2nd Year and 2nd Step ) Expected Outcome  “Knowledge“.

    The effects of Dedication will certainly develop the attention aspect of the mind and brain which in turn activates the child for its systematic working. During this time the incessant raising curiosity present in the child to be made use of by encouraging the child to participate in the questioning and answering sessions to stimulate the learning and activity process which helps to build up strongly the knowledge and understanding.

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    ( 3rd Year and 3 rd Step ) Expected Out Come  “Application“.

    Under the 3 rd step, the built up knowledge and understanding are subjected to discussions, verification, trials, experiments, etc to take the learning process further ahead. By this, the consequential higher and in-depth knowledge and understanding can emerge, which will help to make way for the learning of  “Application of Knowledge”.

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    (4th Year and 4th Step) Expected Out Come  “Skill“.

    As the higher and in-depth knowledge is developed the next Natural steps to follow is its application and observation. Under this 4th year subjecting children to an application, they are to be encouraged and more opportunity to be provided to make them step forward to exhibit their learnings and thereby gaining skill.

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    ( 5th Year and 5th Step) Expected out Come  “Talent“.

    The practice of application of knowledge under different circumstances and in different ways, different environments, teaching others, exhibiting on stages, in functions etc, will lead to getting practical experience, confidence all of which together will help to develop  “Talent”.

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    ( 6th Year and 6th Step ) Expected Out Come  “Wisdom“.

    From the start of the 1 st Year, the process of Education commenced with simple activities and Basic information. The first move is headed to develop “Dedication “. Then progressed to gain Knowledge and Understanding. Later to put them into an application and then the demonstration of its know-how in the form of Skill. Yet, one more final step remained to go where in, all the different know how’s and skills have its common platform which gets expressed as “Talent”, is achieved in the 5th stage.

    However, this level will still be incomplete unless it is culminated into “Wisdom”. At this point, the handicap is, that the objective knowledge approach becomes incapable of the task. As such a turn is required from the objective knowledge path to the Subjective knowledge. This subjective knowledge involves philosophical and metaphysical part of knowledge relates to Spiritual aspects. Hence the simple basics of this Spiritual aspects are to be introduced, learn and practised during the “Dhee” Gana to achieve the Wisdom of Dhee Shakti.