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Help and Support


From now on, for the envisaged Growth and Progress, an additional support is needed. Right from the conception till today by the grace of God,   blessings from the Elders and Assistance from the Well Wishers and like Minded people, the Gurukula has been progressing to the heart’s content. This has been an immense pleasure to me and to all our Kamat family members, to be of service to our Country, Culture and Society.

However for the future, certainly there is a need for  Help and Support of all the Well Wishers and Like-minded People in terms of TANU, MANA, and DHANA and to participate in this Noble Cause, to strengthen and make people  feel  proud of our Indian Culture, to reinstall our “ Bharat Mata “ to the Grandeur  position of “ Vishwa Guru “  and to fulfill the aspirations of our “ Rushis “ and Ancestors for “ Vasudaiva Kutumbakam “ meaning  “ World as One Family “ .