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Vision and Mission



There was a time in the history when the rest of the world looked upon and considered our country “ BHARAT “ as Jagatguru and indeed it rejoiced the glory as “ VISHWA GURU “.

It is time now to revive and rejuvenate our Indian Culture, tradition and Ethos to remake our Motherland “ BHARAT “as Jagat Guru and regain her past glory.



Generally, a mission will have its roots in a cause or incident which later becomes a seed for conception and even inspiration.

“During the course of my business trips in Europe during the late 1970’s period, incidents of humiliation due to discrimination, which had a link to my being from India left behind in me an unstoppable irritation and a wounded National pride. This wounded feeling eventually became the matter of conception leading to inspiration in the form of questions to take a concrete shape”,  says Mr. Pramod Kamat the Founder Trustee.



How far is it fair to discriminate anyone who represent a country and its inhabitants who have inherited a great Culture, Customs, Traditions, Heritage, its Ethos, Values, Virtues and having adopted them could develop and contribute to the world many useful benefits to the Mankind in various areas like art, culture and literature also in science, philosophy and Spirituality all unparallel in its own class, be ignored and disrespected ?

Should it not be our role and responsibility to put our efforts and regain the lost glory and prestige of our Motherland “BHARAT “ by reviving and imbibing the strength and spirit drawing them out from our scriptures and literature, heritage and Ethos which are still vibrant and resourceful in spite of the passage of millenniums?



The Goal of Shubham Karoti is to develop and establish   “A Healthy Cultured Society “. It is a known fact that it is the woman who builds the new generation. Similarly, a society shapes the future of a country.

In this perspective, an “A Healthy Cultured Society” can shape the future of a country to lead it to become once again “ Jagat Guru “ with all its glory and moreover to benefit the Humanity at large for “ Vasudaiva Kutumbakam “ meaning World  As One Family.