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A right curriculum is like a back bone to sustain stability and for a successful result. Keeping this in mind the Gurukula curriculum is planned and designed by taking the inputs from the ancient values with a modern perspective both balanced and harmonized aiming to achieve the integral personality development of the person.


The learning aspects which are chosen as contents are picked up from different domains selected, merged and framed under the Gurukula Curriculum.

Sl.No. Contents Domain Personality impact on
1. Selection from Scriptures and Spiritual Practices Ancient Spiritual Development
2. Present day Academic Subjects as prevailing in schools Modern Intellectual Development
3. Co –Curricular Activities Current Activities Mental Development
4. Social and Cultural Activities Social Emotional Development
5. Games and Vocational Activities Sports Physical Development
ITEMS OF LEARNING Through Activities

Under Spiritual ( Rituals and Practices )

Pratasmaran, Yoga, Pooja, Bhajan, Bhagavadgeeta, Veda Mantra, Stotras, Slokas, Subhashitas etc


Under Intellectual ( Academic Subjects )

1. Languages

  •  Sanskrit ( 1st Language )
  •  English ( 2nd language )
  •  Kannada ( 3rd Language )

*  The spoken language in Gurukula is Sanskrit.

2. Core Subjects

  •  Science
  •  Mathematics
  •  Social Studies

3. Other Activities

Computer, Dance (Bharatanatyam), Vocal Music (Sangeeta), General Knowledge.


Under Mental ( Co-Curricular Activities )

  • Engagement in assignments and submissions ( Helps self-thinking)
  • To set up programs, functions, all preparations ( Helps Creativity )
  • Engagement in one’s own routine work ( Helps Self Reliance )
  • To participate, perform, actively  in events, functions (Helps Self Confidence )
  • To undertake Responsibilities, in charge and reporting ( Helps Leadership)
  • To help each other in learning, assisting, group work, (Helps conduct & behaviour)
  • Debates, public speaking, teaching, Housekeeping etc (other general activities)

Under Emotional ( Social and Cultural )

  • Performing Festivals and functions relating to National, Regional and community.
  • Celebrations of: Birth Days and Anniversaries of Great people and its relevance
  • Sat Sangh, Guest lectures, Outdoor community work and functions, showing slides and movies.

Under Physical ( Games and Activities )

  • Playing games indoors and outdoor games, Indian games and yogasanas.
  • Service rendering such as Gardening, watering plants, Community Service, cleaning and maintenance etc.