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Objective and Means



The objective is to provide the impetus to our society to propel it to peep deep in to our own rich heritage and inheritance of our culture, scriptures, literatures, traditions, values, and Ethos and to draw inspirations from them and with new perspective to develop and gain new strength and vigor to face new challenges while venturing to develop our society in to  “A Healthy Cultured Society”  by the means of developing able persons.



Having determined the vision, mission and the objective the next stage is to identify the means for achieving the Endeavour.

For the successful execution of any work, the right kind of people is essential. As such, to face the challenges while venturing to develop an “ A Healthy Cultured Society “ suitable persons are to be first prepared. This is to be achieved by subjecting and developing the individuals through the Gurukula pattern of Education and its curriculum.

Finally, the outcome of such education and preparation should unfold the potencies of the inner core of the personality so much so that the person should become capable to be transformed through one’s own integral personality development and by that power be capable enough and transform the society into a Healthy Cultured Society.


Physical Personality(Annamaya Kosha /Purusha )


Emotional Personality( Pranamaya Kosha / Purusha )


Mental Personality( Manomaya Kosha / Purusha )


Intellectual Personality( Vignanamaya Kosha / Purusha )


Spiritual Personality( Anandamaya Kosha / Purusha )



After deep study and discussions, it was decided to choose girls and provide them with the Gurukula Education. The study revealed the following facts.

  • By nature, the cultural and Emotional strengths are more empowered in the feminine / Women.
  • Feminine power is the embodiments of Shakti and hence all our Hindu goddesses are female deities (Laxmi, Saraswati, Parvati, Durga etc ).
  • It is the woman who moulds the future generation.
  • When a woman is educated it is like having a university in the family.
  • An educated woman is like a golden crown to the tower of the temple.
  • The last but not the least is that it is this section of the society more deprived and need more support, benefits and opportunity.

In the light of the above Natural inbuilt potential factors, it was decided to choose the deserving girls of age 9 -10 years to be selected without any discrimination of caste or creed, rich or poor and are to be provided Gurukula kind of Education all at Free of Cost.



As per our Indian tradition Food, Medicine and Education are to be offered and not to be charged. Apart from this the other factors which have influenced to offer Free Of Cost are:-

  • The vision, mission, and aspiration undertaken are of an All Mighty task and certainly needs All Mighty Blessings which can manifest through service and not in transactions.
  • Decades back when we started our Garment Export business, we had made a self Promise that if we prosper in the business then from the earnings we shall undertake a social good cause at free of cost.
  • At the ground level to achieve any huge task support from well-wishers, likeminded people and from society are needed which can be expected when True Service Exist.