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Gurukula Education and its Approach

For India, the Gurukula pattern of Education is not new. It was well there and thriving until the invaders established their supremacy in our country. As the supremacy and its intention of overtaking and pushing down the traditional Gurukula pattern of Education gained upper hand, the so-called modern education was induced. With the passing of the time, it gained its momentum diminishing and scattering the traditional Gurukula education driving to its own mercy leaving lonely high and dry. 

After our country got its independence from the conquerors, the British,  the distorted version of Education unfortunately Continued and carried on with just a  cosmetic l touch up every now and then, with addition, deletion and change of contents without touching its core concept. As if this much is not enough much more catastrophe in the form of, the Political Motive, hijacked the right direction of Education which is supposed to steer the education and Its objective to imbibe the National Spirit, the well-being of the country and society at large. 

On the other hand, the education sector was turned and made into a puppet with its reigns left to be handled by the politicians. Well, this trend is still continuing even today due to the various reasons and circumstances. Moreover, it has now become not only an established way of handling but also a pattern of Education.

In this background, a new initiative is imperative to re-establish the faith about the positive aspects of the Gurukula Education and the depth of benefit which the Gurukula pattern of Education can deliver. In this situation for the present day trend, the implementation of Gurukula education needs to be modified by taking into account the modern progress and aspirations blended with the ancient concept and wisdom. This Endeavour poses a great challenge to bring back alive the Gurukula pattern of Education.

The challenge to be faced is that of an adventure to penetrate a strong stone-built fortress. In this situation, to sum up, the challenge, it is to get the breakthrough, find a crack, and then seep through it for the entry and then to slowly build up the potential so as to be capable to impress upon the society by its worthiness. And then once the society recognizes the worthiness ness then the rest of the progress will sail across on its own towards the shore of success.

From this point of view, the primary task in its approach has to be the acceptance and adoption of the basic philosophy and principles as the foundation, followed by the tasks.

The principles are:

  1. Being the Endeavour is going to be a Himalayan task, it is imperative to have the support of the society and like-minded people and organizations.
  2. The approach has got to be only service oriented Motive and not commercial aspects. It has to be a kind of a NGO. 
  3. The Gurukula should impart the Education, food and shelter, free of charges. This is debatable. However being the task is like challenging against an established gigantic well-rooted system and practice, to get the consideration, acceptance, help and support from the society, organizations, like-minded people, the offering of “Free” aspect is very vital. 
  4. There should not be any discrimination of caste, creed, rich and poor.
  5. To start with the Gurukula education is to be offered to the girls. The impact and the outcome of the results from this will surely be outstanding and Far-reaching. The Truth and fact are that “The girl of today in due course becomes Mother tomorrow and it is the mother who brings and builds the new generation for the future “. This is the unquestionable Reality. This being the case when a girl is educated it is like having a “Crown” on the tower of a Temple, Church or a  Mosque.
  6. The ideal setup to commence with will be a Gurukula in a serene place and atmosphere with greenery in a land space of minimum 5 acres with basic facilities and the intake of children from the age group of 9-10 years  (From 5th standard). 

These are some of the main pivotal points to be considered from the point of ” Approach to Gurukula pattern of Education”.



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