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Gurukula at Work.

It is a fact that Gurukula becomes life and bubbling only when the children / Students are there on the campus. Then, on one side the campus gets charged with various activities and on the other side, it is also true that many challenges emerge along the long path of its six years journey of Gurukula education. 

When many children are in the campus, being taken care of by handful of teachers or mentors, the usual comments which can be heard across from the visitors or parents are, as to how could a handful of teachers handle so many children while a mother at home finds so much strain full to look after even a child or two!!! 

Well, to an extent it is true that the task is not easy or a matter of simple handling. Yet the Gurukula pattern of functioning can make it quite manageable due to the reason that mental aspect of the children gets tamed and framed within the desired periphery through the holistic approach which is abundantly supported by the effect of inculcating and subjecting children through the practice and adoption of our Indian Culture and its Ethos. Had this not be implemented no matter whatever comfort or amenities are provided it would not be possible to dare and face the challenges or rather it would create a greater mess and headache. From this standpoint, we got to be very much grateful to our forefathers who have handed over to us and for future generations to come, the man making marvels of our ” Indian culture “.

Thus, once the mental aspect comes within the range of Gurukula atmosphere and ambience, the effort to engage the children into the various activities becomes handy and even charming. The activities employed are just simple and basics which are not only building steps for self-reliance and sustainable but also helps to build up the dignity of work, mutual help and cooperation. The execution of the designated work and activities with neatness, timely, in a clean and tidy manner with its consequence, naturally develops a sort of character building, dedication and concentration and many other useful qualities which has its greatest strength and potential to develop attention, grasping, learning and understanding, in the process, progress and course of Education.

  1. This is the first step, in the working of the Gurukula. These steps in the first year are grouped and named after the desired intended initial “Personality builds up” namely “Shradha” gana, meaning class for building “Character and Dedication”.With this, as the base, it makes the educational process to progress steadily, effectively and effortlessly. Subsequently, for the effective progress of learning,  and involvement in various activities the intellectual aspect is to be stimulated. The best natural way for this stimulation is to subject the brain to think for answering the questions. 
  2. Hence in the second year, the children are encouraged to ask questions, doubts, etc.which will engage the brain to be alert, active, which builds up the brain to cope up and capable of gaining knowledge. Hence the second year title for the class is named after “Medha” gana meaning ” Intellectual development “.
  3. Going ahead, the knowledge will have its better place when the acquired knowledge is subjected to verification through tests and experiments. Hence the next forward step in the education process, in the third year it is named as “Pragna” gana, meaning ” understanding consciously “.
  4. Thus moving forward the next step in the fourth-year will be developing “Talent”. A repeated act, work or thought becomes more friendly, which can be further developed with much more ease and this later shows talent. This repetition in the fourth year is derived by engaging in practice, exhibit shows, programs and events. Hence this year class is named as “Pratibha gana”, meaning class to exhibit Talent.
  5. After this, the next attempt is to see that the developed talent, in oneself,   gets settled down and gain confidence in the form of  “Skill”. For this one of the useful methods is,  to teach others while learning. This attitude and aptitude are encouraged in the 5th year which is called as “Dhruti” gana”, meaning, class to build confidence.
  6. Finally, in the last sixth-year course, the focus on Education to develop subjective knowledge.  Here it is to note that the things which were initially in the form of information are taken forward to knowledge, upward to understanding, developed to talent, elevated to confidence level, thus reaching the height of worldly objective knowledge and its approach. The corresponding subjective knowledge, which has its roots in the subjective approach within in oneself is in the field of Spirituality. This vital aspect must not be ignored, which alone brings the totality as “Wisdom” avoiding the lopsidedness. Hence in the sixth year, children are exposed to the philosophical thoughts and initial steps to get access in the future for knowledge of  Unity. This sixth-year class is named as “Dhee” gana, meaning the class of Wisdom.

These are the undercurrent forces in the working of Gurukula Education. 

Although the practice of working has different ways and means the undercurrent theme is to attempt and achieve the real sense of Education right from the stage of information to the summit of ” Wisdom”  together with talent and skill to attain the Ultimate of  ” ONE ” or ” UNITY  in ONE “. 



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