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Gurukula Education

Education has been an aspect which is on its move from time immemorial. Although it has an overall view, the objectives of Education can be viewed under two main facets. If one of which highlights the “Ideal factor” the other one tends to move towards the “need of the time and the want of comfort”.  Although both of these got their due credits from time to time the later one leapt forward and advanced while the former got dragged and remained behind. Nevertheless the former had its shine and glory which could yet reach and guide the later, in spite of its pace, with its power of light and path of wisdom.

Whenever ever the leap faulted and landed bruised, it got its soothing solace from the wisdom of ancient guide, values and Scriptures.

In today’s modern World the role of Education has its own topmost priority and every parent wish to provide their children with the best of the education. But the question remained to be answered distinctly as to what is the best education?. In its discovery, the different pattern of Education emerged as schools and educational institutions which are in vogue today. However, none could prove and claim to be the best.

Still, some of the schools adopted a recognized board pattern, a fancy name, high profile and activities and a high fees structure advocating as a premium school. From this level, many other schools came up and descended down right up to an ordinary school. Well, when these are the realities, where we see schools emerging from the top till down to a humble school, in their midst can we ever find a school which provides a real sense of ideal Education? This can be a big unsolved question. If in case this question is still haunting the present modern day, then certainly the need to go to the roots of education seems to be the right approach. Another thought which comes up can be that, how in ancient times this issue was dealt? And further, did the ancient education provide the wellbeing, progressive, and scientific outlook of life?. The answer reveals that in our country the Gurukula pattern of Education was the kind of education prevailed before the advent of modern education.

That kind of education had produced such kind of people and society which catapulted our country “Bharat” to the height as ” World Preceptor” not only in the gain and giver of knowledge but also cherished as the Richest and most civilised country in the world. All of which naturally attracted the seekers of knowledge as well as looters of wealth from different parts of the world. This cannot be ignored as the History stands as a live witness. 

Well, Regarding the wellbeing and scientific outlook, what they had achieved for their wellbeing during their periods seems to be satisfactory for their needs at that time.

About the scientific outlook what they had achieved and demonstrated are still today astoundingly not only marvels but also still remained as unsolved Mystery of science to the modern scientists. 

If we recognize all these facts, as they are, it is worth considering and sensible to peep into the roots of Education and seek the benefits of Gurukula pattern of outlook.

When we indulge into it the roots of Education will lead us to recognise the inbuilt human potential and the benefits of Gurukula pattern which provides the knowledge and its application, self-reliance, harmony, respect to Nature,   and an understanding of the world as ” One Family”.

Under the concept of Gurukula education 

the understanding of human potential is understood in the development of personality of a human being which encompasses under the following aspects.

They are, 

  • Physical aspect
  • Emotional aspect
  • Mental aspect
  • Intellectual aspect and finally under
  • Spiritual aspect.

Having identified the crucial aspects. The focus of Education is aimed at enhancing, enriching and engaging the vital aspects which build the total personality harmoniously as one unit supporting and complimentary to each other. The contents and the lifestyle under the Gurukula system of Education are thus designed to reap the best results. 

These are the main concepts and means of the approach of the Education.



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