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Gurukula Education Probability and Possibility

When an assignment is undertaken although the planning with its pros and cons are thought over yet a number of uncertainties will be lingering as “probabilities”. However, if determination and sincere efforts are continued and prolonged then there can be seen a ray of light, which can Kindle the hope of “Possibilities”.


Many a time the kind of ways and means of activity undertaken, itself give rise to probabilities. Hence, It is good to know in advance such things to avoid disappointments.

Some of the probabilities are :

  1. As the Gurukula education for the children, involves long stay, away from family and society, those who opt for Gurukula education may be very limited. On the top of this, since the education together with all the amenities is offered free, people will have some sort of reservations as to quality, arrangements, wellbeing and even fear to get a  dot on prestige issue.
  2. As the Teachers are supposed to stay and live with the children within the ambit of Gurukula lifestyle the right kind of teachers availability may not be easy.
  3. The focus of Education in Gurukula is not just academic and also not examination or marks oriented. This being the case and as today’s parents more influenced by the present day’s modern employment trend, they may not be able to foresee the benefit’s of Gurukula education and hence they may not involve effectively in the Gurukula movement.
  4. In a way, the entire exercise of Gurukula education is something like swimming against the tide. This being the case many challenges, uncertainties are always laying around the corner which is to be faced and overcome.
  5. In the regular education pattern, the responsibilities are limited and the monetary returns are unlimited. In contrary to this under the Gurukula pattern, the voluntarily undertaken responsibilities and unexpected risk factors are many and the returns in terms of money are virtually nil. 

These are some of the probabilities.


  1. One must accept that every cause must have an effect. Usually, the effect which comes within the preview of our senses can easily be conceived. While some effects cannot be conceived through the senses as they will be very subtle and works in the form of influence.  Unlike the concrete effect, the impact effect of the Influence is powerful as its reactions multiply through those who come in contact and also by different sources. This is one of the most beneficial possibilities.
  2. The six years Gurukula education and its impact left on the children, due to the modern trend and attractions, may seem to be eroded after they pass out from Gurukula. However, the Gurukula impact, which happened during the childhood days, will have its influence throughout, sometimes strong and sometimes weak. However it will not get lost, rather it is bound to act one day or the other and take the charge. So one need not be disappointed based on the temporary changes and outward appearance took place with the children. 
  3. The expectation of some kind of help or repay to the Gurukula from the passed out Gurukula children may not occur soon. But the gratitude will certainly be there and will bear its fruit as and when the favorable condition emerges.
  4. Similarly, after they pass out from Gurukula some or many may not bother to have contact with Gurukula and may seem that they are cut off. However, the bondage will certainly be in the dormant state which will one day be active and may rebind with a full charge.
  5. The role of Gurukula may seem to be a drop in an ocean. However, as its implications are totally in the form of influence and impression its effect is far-reaching and effective to spread its benefits and greatness for better preferences and takeaway.

These are some of the probabilities and possibilities to be considered.



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